Safety Reimagined - The Future of Safety

Motorola Solutions, world leader in communications, introduced Safety Reimagined as a visionary concept that integrates different areas of safety into a unified and connected ecosystem. At the forefront of this transformative movement, Advanced Resources is proud to be the first certified Portuguese company to explore the potential of Safety Reimagined.


With a commitment to shaping the future of security, Motorola Solutions has made significant investments totaling over $4 billion in strategic acquisitions since 2015. These acquisitions have brought together industry-leading companies specializing in video surveillance, access control, cybersecurity, analytics and more. Safety Reimagined harnesses the power of these collective advances by consolidating voice, data, video, software and analytics into an integrated platform.

The essence of Safety Reimagined is its ability to provide public safety agencies and businesses with comprehensive access to critical information and systems needed to identify, understand and respond to everyday disruptions and emergency situations. By leveraging a unified technology ecosystem, Motorola Solutions enables you to optimize operations by creating a seamless flow of information between teams, automating workflows and improving response times, thereby preventing incidents from escalating. ecossistema de tecnologia unificado, a Motorola Solutions permite otimizar as operações, criando um fluxo de informação contínuo entre equipas, automatizando fluxos de trabalho e melhorando os tempos de resposta, evitando assim o agravamento de incidentes.

The 4 stages of incident resolution

The first phase, Detect, simplifies the supervision of complex facilities through the use of an integrated video security system. Automatic alerts and checklists are generated, while access control effectively manages physical entries and alarms, reducing response times to potential threats.

The second phase, Analyze, empowers security teams with advanced tools that can automatically detect incidents and identify suspects based on their physical characteristics. Motorola Solutions' proprietary artificial intelligence, together with the Focus of Attention interface, revolutionizes event monitoring by intelligently identifying relevant events and simplifying the action process.

The Communicate phase plays a vital role in connecting different teams quickly and reliably. Taking advantage of the DMR or WAVE PTX radio system, Safety Reimagined extends the reach of traditional communications, enabling the sharing of voice and data information between devices and locations. The intuitive dispatch console software further facilitates real-time notification and information sharing, promoting effective collaboration between teams.

The final phase, Respond, is of utmost importance for incident resolution. In emergency situations, a quick and efficient response is critical. Safety Reimagined ensures direct real-time information sharing with response teams, significantly reducing time-to-action. In addition, the solution facilitates the exchange of valuable information between teams and provides robust incident documentation tools, including comprehensive action reports.

Orchestrate - Security System Management Platform

At the heart of Safety Reimagined is the powerful web platform known as Orchestrate. This tool is designed to link all system inputs and analysis with the necessary communications and actions. It also offers an intuitive interface accessible via PCs, tablets and smartphones. The platform integrates seamlessly with DMR and WAVE PTX networks, allowing organizations to continuously rethink and reconfigure their security operations, optimizing procedures and ensuring greater efficiency.

With Safety Reimagined, organizations can unlock the true potential of safety automation. Customized workflows can be created to align with specific needs, integrating with existing safety systems. Through advanced analytics and artificial intelligence, critical events are promptly identified and responded to, ensuring a proactive approach to safety.

Orchestrate's intelligent automation goes beyond incident management. Custom triggers and rule-based actions enable tasks such as locking doors, instant notifications to security teams or real-time incident logging. This way, security teams can allocate their time and resources more strategically, focusing on proactive measures to improve overall security.

In addition, Orchestrate provides comprehensive analytics and incident reporting, facilitating thorough evaluation and continuous improvement of security protocols. By analyzing historical data, organizations can identify patterns, trends and areas for improvement, enabling proactive adjustments and a more secure environment.

The future of security systems automation

In summary, through Safety Reimagined, Motorola Solutions is leading the future of safety. This solution brings together cutting-edge technology, seamless communications and intelligent automation to address complex safety challenges. As the first Safety Reimagined certified partner in Portugal, Advanced Resources ensures an integrated and comprehensive approach to safety in an ever-evolving world.

Discover Safety Reimagined today and unlock the power of technology, seamless collaboration and proactive safety for a safer tomorrow.