Motorola Body-Worn Cameras

With Motorola Solutions as a partner, Advanced Resources introduces body cameras for security and emergency forces.

Known as Body-Worn Cameras or BodyCams, they are ideal for police forces, prison services, security teams or emergency services. These cameras help document front-line work, providing tamper-proof evidence for trials.

This body surveillance solution stands out for its robustness and quality, providing recordings according to the ONVIF protocol. This makes it possible to integrate these cameras into already implemented CCTV systems.


Motorola Video Manager

A software tool is provided to view the real-time images or recordings, manage the device fleet, centralize the information and process it in a way that is presentable in court.

With security and workflow as priorities, this software is configurable to the client's specific needs. 

To know more details about the presented solutions please watch the presentation video and contact us. contact us.