Banda Larga cambium networks
Banda Larga cambium networks

Broadband Solutions

With Cambium Networks as a key partner in providing wireless broadband solutions, Advanced Resources is able to provide the best Point to Point and Multipoint solutions with speeds up to 1.4Gbps.

Cambium Networks is a world leader in Point-to-Point (PTP) and Point-to-Multipoint (PMP) broadband solutions, with over 12 years of experience in the global market. 

Cambium's systems focus on strong tolerance to radio interference and maximizing spectral efficiency. Currently offering data, Voice and Television services, it covers millions of users in over 150 countries.


Cambium Networks has an extensive portfolio of Point to Point (PTP) solutions, capable of responding to a various applications and infrastructure needs, regardless of budget constraints.

The range of PTP equipment covers the entire radio frequency band and is developed and tested to operate in harsh environments and conditions.

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The PMP450 product is Cambium Networks' Multipoint Point solution. It has differentiating elements, such as the simplicity and speed of installation, its protection against interference, its scalability being designed to support voice, video and data applications.


Ideal for implementing networks with demanding capacity, scalability, and availability requirements, PMP450 provides the ideal solution for enterprise, government, and communications service providers. 

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Cambium Networks offers a range of products in order to implement indoor or outdoor wireless networks. The simplicity of equipment installation, associated with the possibility of performing centralized and remote management of equipment, make this solution ideal for systems of any size.

Cambium Networks product range of Wi-Fi APs 

We highlight the cnPilot product range, with Indoor, Outdoor, domestic or commercial solutions. Check the page where the solutions for Outdoor Wi-Fi networks.