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Maritime Simulators

With Konsberg Digital as a partner in the area of Maritime Simulators, Advanced Resources is able to provide the most complete solutions on the market.

Founded in 1814, Kongsberg is a Norwegian company, a world market and technology leader in the fields of Defense, Maritime equipment and Simulation.

Navigation Simulators

K-Sim® Navigation

The K-Sim Bridge Simulator is available for any budget and training need. As the largest manufacturer of Bridge Simulators, Kongsberg Digital can provide freedom in the selection of instruments, ship console format, hydrodynamic models and exercise areas.
The same software is used to drive the large ship simulators and workstations.

Machine Simulators

K-Sim® Engine

Crew qualification is a key factor in improving safety and optimizing the economy in the maritime industry. Knowledge of processes is crucial for engineers to achieve optimal engine performance in day-to-day operations and for the handling of emergencies or abnormal situations.

As the successor to the Neptune system, K-Sim Engine is an engine room simulator. It includes a wide range of equipment and enables the customization of solutions to the reality of each client.

The video below showcases the main features of this type of simulator. With K-Sim Engine, crew members can train and improve their skills in a safe and controlled environment, ultimately leading to increased safety and efficiency in real-world operations.

K-Sim® DP

The Dynamic Positioning Operator (DPO) simulator allows you to train students and professionals for dynamic positioning operations.

K-Sim® Offshore

The search for oil and gas is heading towards deeper and deeper waters and more demanding environments. This increases the load on anchor handlers, which are generally working at the limits of their capabilities.

Offshore simulators have a significant role to play in ensuring safety and efficiency for this type of working environment. It offers the possibility to enhance the workers' sailing experience even before their first voyage.

Fishing Simulators

K-Sim® Fishery

K-Sim Fishery is a new state-of-the-art simulator solution specially created for skills development for students and crews aboard small vessels.

Through training, this simulation solution allows for increased safety and economy in searching and catching fish and manoeuvring the vessel.

Cargo Simulators

K-Sim® Cargo

As a major global supplier of automation and control systems for ships, Kongsberg has detailed knowledge of the systems and processes on board. In addition, it has a thorough understanding of training needs.

To meet current and future training needs in the marine and offshore industry, Kongsberg has developed a sophisticated cargo handling simulatorK-Sim Cargo includes a wide range of cargo vessel models. All models certified by DNV, and exceeding current STCW requirements.

VTS Simulators

K-Sim® VTS

The Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) simulator allows you to educate and train students and professionals to operate in this type of maritime space control centers.

K-Sim VTS is a solution for the training of VTS operators that meets and exceeds the recommendations of IALA courses V-103/1 and V-103/2.

Cloud Simulators

Kongsberg has developed an alternative for maritime simulators without the need to purchase hardware.

To this end, K-Sim Connect was launched - a cloud simulator solution that incorporates functionality of traditional systems from a browser page.

The exercises developed in the physical simulators are compatible with the cloud platform. It can therefore be used as acomplement to a traditional simulation solution, where students can use the resources outside the room where they have the simulator installed. This promotes autonomy and increases the students' practical workload.

In a similar way to traditional solutions, exercises can be created and reports generated with the students' actions.

Solutions available:

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