Acessórios Motorola
Acessórios Motorola

Radio Accessories

Batteries and Chargers

The quality of a portable system depends directly on the quality of the equipment's batteries.
The IMPRESS product line is provided in addition to the standard Motorola lithium battery packs and chargers.
This technology features the ability to recondition the batteries in the charging process, ensuring that they are maintained over time. Batteries and Chargers communicate with each other in order to optimize the charging process and the battery status. In addition, the chargers display information about battery capacity, the time required to finish charging, and the current condition of the battery.

Motorola Audio Accessories

In order to optimize the communication experience for the user's needs, Motorola offers a variety of audio accessories, such as:

Increase your interoperability with in-ear headset solutions. The MOTOTRBO radio headset range allows you to find the ideal equipment for your needs. Different models available with or without wires and with different PTT and microphone options.

With a wide range of products, Bone-Conduction Ear Microphone solutions or signal processing technologies are offered.

Bone-conduction equipment has the ability to pick up sound signals through the vibrations of the skull bones. This filters out all ambient noise.

Using signal processing algorithms, the CommPort Ear Microphone systems are designed to work in noisy environments. This system is lightweight and easy to use, and is built to withstand the harshest environments.

The MOTOTRBO Wireless Adapter allows quick connection to any Bluetooth-compatible headset. It includes features such as a blue LED light that signals that the headset is connected, and an easy-to-access PTT button.

Motorola has an extensive list of Microphone models. Different model ranges allow you to find a solution that meets your needs.

Each Microphone model has a respective radio model. If you have any doubts about which model to choose or options available for a specific radio, please contact us.

Motorola radio carrying accessories are designed for comfort and convenience. Available options include belt clips and clips, capes, hook-and-loop handles, vests, straps, and submersible bags.

3M Peltor Headsets

There is a wide variety of solutions for integrating hearing protection equipment with radio communication equipment.

Hearing protection solutions from 3M Peltor have been optimized and certified to meet the performance standards of MOTOTRBO radios.

The variety of products allows you to find the ideal solution for any professional reality.

Get to know the models available.