Motorola WAVE

Motorola Solutions' WAVE PTX enables the use of cellular infrastructure for professional communications via PTT.

With this service, you can enjoy the potential of a professional communications system, without concerns about licensing frequency bands or radio network coverage.

Leveraging the vast coverage of national operators (estimated 99% since 2012 in Portugalyou can enjoy the benefits of radio communication anywhere in the country, without infrastructure installation and maintenance costs.

This solution can be integrated into DMR or TETRA radio systems, offering communication possibilities previously limited by coverage.


WAVE technology can be used through its range of portable and mobile radios or through a cell phone application.

Among Motorola's range of WAVE products, Advanced Resources highlights the following:

WAVE Portable Radio

PTT Phone

WAVE Mobile Radio

WAVE PTX Mobile App

Through the WAVE PTX Mobile App it is now possible to communicate with professional networks, via PTT, from the cell phone.

This application is available in iOS or Android.

Highlighted features:

  • Group or private PTT calls;
  • Text messages;
  • Sharing videos, photos or files;
  • Location, mapping and monitoring/tracking;
  • User status definition (Available, Do not disturb, Offline);
  • Do not disturb mode;
  • Priority tralkgroup scanning;
  • Background calls;
  • Geofencing.

WAVE PTX Dispatcher 

The WAVE Dispatcher allows control and monitoring of the radio network. To use the network management platform, all that is required is an internet connection.

Highlighted features:

  • Monitoring of multiple talkgroups;
  • Individual and group calls;
  • Sharing videos, photos or files;
  • Broadcast calls;
  • Terminal location monitoring;
  • Geofencing;
  • Recording communications.