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The TETRA (Terrestrial Trunked Radio) professional radio communications system is the European digital radio standard for critical communications.

Developed and specified by ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute) in order to meet the critical needs of Emergency and Security entities and a growing range of other sectors, it had its first network implemented in 1997, at Gardermoen airport in Norway.

In Portugal, TETRA was adopted by SIRESP (Integrated System of Emergency and Safety Networks of Portugal) in 2006, with Motorola Solutions being responsible for the implementation of the entire infrastructure and most of the terminals.


Among the range of TETRA products made available by Motorola, we highlight the following models.

Get to know the specifications of each model in the links presented. In the resources zone you can even consult the equipment datasheets.

Portable Radio

Compact Portable Radio

ATEX Portable Radio

Portable Radio

Portable Radio

Mobile Radio


With the right setup, TETRA technology has the robustness to ensure reliable communications in extreme situations, with nationwide coverage.

Public Safety Communication Systems such as SIRESP require solutions with high stability, flexibility and reliability.

In constant development for over 20 years, the Dimetra TETRA IP-based system is used around the world to ensure critical communications.

Motorola is able to exploit its full potential and offer all its features to make Public Safety Communication Systems foolproof.

Among the TETRA systems offered by Motorola, the following stand out:



Low cost solution with simplified installation difficulty for increased capacity or coverage.

By integrating network routing equipment and base radios into one device, installation, deployment, and communications management processes are made easy. It provides voice communications, short data and telephony services, and the ability to communicate with elements outside the network via VoIP.

The system management can be done using web tools, via Windows or Android. These tools include a radio management system and a simple dispatch center. They make it possible to send text messages (via cell phone or PC) to a terminal in action.

This technology was developed with possible scalability needs in mind. Therefore, the process of network expansion was simplified. A DIMETRA Express device can be installed in less than 15 minutes.

This product has the potential to improve system capacity by increasing the number of channels available for communication. It can also be used to increase coverage for extreme cases, such as fires where the communications infrastructure is damaged.

radios tetra dimetra express

Motorola also offers other IP DIMETRA systems, such as DIMETRA IP COMPACT and DIMETRA IP MICRO systems. For more information, please contact us.