Rental of
Radio Equipment

Rental of Analog and Digital Radios, ATEX and Conventional

Renting a radio network is a solution that offers instant and effective communication.

At Advanced Resources, we have a large quantity of radios for daily, weekly or monthly rental. Our fleet consists mostly of Motorola Solutions equipment.

ANACOM licensing

With extensive experience in temporary radio licensing in Portugal, Advanced Resources handles the entire licensing process for you with ANACOM.

For additional questions, contact us.

Communications solutions

Solution designed according to the client's special needs. Among the services provided, we highlight the following:

  • Dispatch Center with location management, alarms, messages, among others. For more information, visit the Dispatch Centers page;
  • Infrastructure installation;
  • Programming of radio equipment and accessories;
  • Communication between different technologies;
  • Communications integration with CCTV - Avigilon. For more information, check the Safety Reimagined page.

For customers with radio licenses, granted by ANACOM.

  • VHF or UHF private networks;
  • Infrastructure installation;
  • ATEX equipment is available.

PTT communication solution over the cellular network.

  • No need to purchase a radio license or install infrastructure.
  • Possibility of configuring client's cell phones to communicate with the WAVE network.
  • Submission of images and videos.
  • Possibility of integration with digital radio network.
  • No range limitations between terminals.

For more information on the technology, go to the Motorola WAVE page.

Direct communication between radios in the free band.

  • Coverage limited to the range of equipment.
  • Batteries
  • Chargers
  • Bags
  • Microphones
  • Hearing protection

Industries and Events

We offer ATEX equipment for hire, including portable radios and accessories, to ensure safety during refinery operations.

We have extensive experience in ensuring reliable communications for major sporting events, ensuring effective coordination between teams.

Streamline safety procedures and increase coordination of teams and specific jobs with dedicated communications that promote greater efficiency.

Ensure continuous communication between security teams.

Location monitoring and Man Down signaling available through the installation of a central control .

We offer complete communication solutions for concerts and music festivals, ensuring a seamless connection between the production team, artists and security staff.

We facilitate essential communication in film productions by providing efficient and reliable communication equipment to maintain coordination between the film crew, directors and other team members.

Optimize transport operations with our rental two-way radios. Maintain clear and efficient communication between the different teams and departments involved, improving logistics coordination, safety and punctuality of services. Our communication solutions ensure more efficient fleet management and a quick response to any unforeseen event or need for adjustment.

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