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Road Safety

In order to preserve Road Safety in Portugal, Advanced Resources developed partnerships with some of the leading manufacturers in this area. Solutions for control and testing of alcohol (Alcoholimeters) and detection of drugs are presented.

Alcohol Meters

ACS (Alchool Countermeasures Systems) is a Canadian manufacturer that develops and manufactures the most accurate and reliable alcohol detection and control products on the market, and also produces professional in-vehicle alcohol control systems - ignition inhibitors.

Ignition Inhibitor Alcohol Meters


The Interlock line of devices only allows the vehicle to start after a negative alcohol test result for the driver.

Interlock devices can be installed in trucks, buses, cab fleets and other vehicles to prevent dangerous driving and promote Road Safety, and are mostly used in industry and government enforcement programs.

Quantitative Alcohol Meters - Evidential


The SAF'IR Evolution is the industry's first portable, evidential alcohol breathalyzer using infrared technology. As an evidential breathalyzer, its accuracy is certified, and it can be used as evidence in court.

Able to withstand adverse conditions and allowing the quantitative control of alcohol in a portable form, this breathalyzer is ideal for police surveillance increasing its operability.

The equipment is supplied in a special high-resistant protective box, where the printer is placed, which, through a bluetooth connection, prints the results of the analysis so that it can be included in the process.

The equipment complies with all the recommendations of the OIML -Organização Internacional de Metrologia Legal, being already certified by several other international organizations. In national terms this equipment is approved by the Metrology Laboratory of the Portuguese Quality Institute (IPQ) and by the National Road Safety Authority.

This equipment is discussed in more detail on the ACS SAF'IR Quantitative Alcoholmeter page.

Qualitative Alcohol Meters

ACS's portable Qualitative Alcohol Meters have been used worldwide by industry professionals for over 25 years.

Each product has been designed and manufactured to incorporate the varying needs of the marketplace without sacrificing quality and accuracy.


DRIVESAFE represents the ACS range of blood alcohol level testing products for the private market

Among the DRIVESAFE product range, Advanced Resources highlights the DRIVESAFE elite model.
This is a qualitative alcoholmeter with a precision electrochemical sensor and digital information.

It can be used by individuals, passenger transport companies, schools, or companies transporting hazardous materials, in alcoholic driving prevention and control actions.


The ALERT™ J5 model is a professional, high-precision, high-performance qualitative breathalyzer that delivers results in less than 30 seconds. Using two sensors, this alcoholmeter stands out for the accuracy of its active or passive test results.

It has a memory of up to 10000 tests and the possibility of printing results with the option of a printer connected via Bluetooth.
It also allows passive detection of alcohol in ambient air.

Drug Detection

Founded in 1995, Securetec AG is a German company specialized in developing drug detection solutions.

Among the products provided, Advanced Resources highlights the DrugWipe® range. Optimized for road safety operations, it offers solutions for the detection of 5 groups of drugs: cannabis, opiates, cocaine, amphetamines and methamphetamines.