Serviços Rádio



Advanced Resources has a highly specialized and certified technical team for the different types of installation, guaranteeing clients the highest quality infrastructure.

Coverage Studies

One of the most common questions when purchasing professional radios is related to the maximum distance of communication. The answer depends on many variables and the planning of the network in question.

The coverage of a professional radio can range from a few hundred meters to a few kilometers. Depending on factors such as the transmission power of the terminals, the type of communication (analog or digital), the propagation environment and the frequency range used (UHF or VHF).
Equipped with the most appropriate technology, Advanced Resources is able to perform theoretical coverage studies based on terrain morphology and network data. Practical verification is also carried out to confirm that the client's needs are met.


Besides the Maintenance Lab equipped with the best technology for the maintenance of radio equipment Advanced Resources has a direct contract with Motorola's European maintenance center. This ensures Motorola certified repairs with the highest speed and quality assurance.