Central de controlo Motorola

TRBOnet Radio Dispatch Solutions

TRBOnet is a Dispatch Center solution for MOTOTRBO radio networks of any size and complexity.

Launched in 2008, this solution is accessible through a simple and intuitive graphical interface in a terminal running the Windows operating system.

Basic Functionalities

Among the system's basic functionalities, we highlight the following:

  • Voice Dispatch - With support for all types of calls, including private or group calls, between Control Centers, Cross mute and the possibility of sending recorded voice messages;
  • Voice Recording - Allows the recording and storage of network communications;
  • Event Logging - Notifications can be set up for different types of events. Navigation between logs facilitated by filtering the results.
  • Sending Text Messages - Enables sending text messages to individuals or groups of users. These can also be predefined and scheduled.
  • Location of terminals - Observation of GPS location in real time or stored for specific terminals or user groups. Custom maps according to customer preferences.

Additional Features

In addition to these, there is a wide range of additional features such as:

  • Advanced functionalities for indoor or outdoor location services: Display of a terminal's location in a programmable time interval; Definition of the radios' operating zone, notifying the central when an equipment is out of it; Implementation of minimum or maximum speed limits.
  • Guard Route - Definition of a route that must be followed by the radio terminal user. Failure to follow the route in the defined time triggers an alarm.
  • Alarm Management System - Useful for automating daily tasks and for speeding up emergency procedures. Allows you to send alarms to and from any element in the network, such as MOTOTRBO devices, email accounts or even cell phones.
  •  Web Interface - Makes the TRBOnet server accessible from any browser.
  • IP Cameras - The central is able to capture images from the connected cameras. An alarm at a specific location can trigger the respective camera.
  • Telemetry - Possibility to remotely control doors, elevators or access rights in any situation.
  • Interconnection with cell phones - IP-based solution to enable communication of MOTOTRBO devices with cell phones or VoIP telephone exchanges.
  • Mobile Application - TRBOnet's application for Android and iOS extends MOTOTRBO to cell phones.
For more information about Motorola's digital radios features, visit the  MOTOTRBO FAQ page.