MOTOTRBO is Motorola's digital product range, which includes portable radios, mobile radios, repeaters and accessories. This range includes all the features of analog equipment, and enables a large number of new features.

Do MOTOTRBO products communicate with analog equipment?

Yes, these products can also function in analog mode. On the other hand, there is no possibility to use analog equipment in a digital network. To take advantage of the functionalities of a digital network, all equipment must work in digital mode.

To enable a gradual migration from an analog to digital network, MOTOTRBO series is compatible with the range of analog equipment.

What are the benefits of using MOTOTRBO?

All the features of traditional Motorola radios have been combined with the features and functionality of a digital communication protocol. In particular, the increase in capacity, spectral efficiency and the integration of data applications.

The use of TDMA (Time-Division Multiple-Access) enables the use of two communication channels for each contracted 12.5 kHz channel, in a single repeater, resulting in reduced infrastructure and license costs.

What is the communication protocol used by MOTOTRBO equipment based on?

The communication protocol used by MOTOTRBO equipment was developed in accordance with the DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) protocol specifications defined by ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute). This allows interoperability with equipment from other manufacturers.

What are the advantages of TDMA, compared to FDMA?

TDMA manages access to the medium by dividing the reception channel into two time slots. In contrast, FDMA (Frequency-Division Multiple-Access) divides the communication channel into two carriers, with half the bandwidth. This highlights the spectral efficiency of TDMA.

This reduces the number of active devices needed for downlink and uplink communication. This reduction in equipment results in an optimization of battery consumption, interference level and equipment cost.

There is also the advantage of compliance with the DMR protocol, enabling communication with equipment from most manufacturers.

What are the practical applications of MOTOTRBO systems?

Practical applications and features of a MOTOTRBO system are covered in the article: Digital Radios Features page.