The Future of Video Surveillance Control Rooms

The future of video surveillance control rooms will not involve watching hundreds of cameras. This is the video management software introduced by Avigilon that has revolutionized the operation of CCTV control centers: Avigilon Control Center (ACC) 7.

Problem with today's CCTV control centers

Today a CCTV control center operator has to monitor images from dozens or hundreds of cameras. This makes it difficult to maintain the focus of attention needed to detect all events and alarms.

Avigilon Solution

Avigilon presents an interface that identifies relevant events, using its proprietary artificial intelligence tools. These tools are configurable to the needs of each customer and make the difference when identifying alarm situations.

The "Focus of Attention" interface categorizes events by color, so that they are easily identifiable by the operator. Implementation example:

  • Gray - Camera in normal operation;
  • Blue - Motion detection;
  • Highlighted light blue - Programmable analytics events;
  • Highlighted Green - Out of the ordinary motion detection;
  • Highlighted Red - Alarms;

In addition, the arrangement of the cameras in the interface makes it easy to locate events.

The "unusual motion detection" functionality is a feature of Avigilon cameras. During the first two weeks of operation at a location, the cameras gather information about the areas of the image where the presence of motion is usual. From that point on, they can flag as events the moments when they detect motion in areas where there should be no motion. This functionality is enhanced by the use of the system, by learning their artificial intelligence algorithm.

The analytical capabilities of this system make it possible to identify and process more than 50 elements of different categories simultaneously.

ACC 7's interface has been designed in a simple way, to reduce the time wasted learning to operate with other software.

In addition, it allows the integration of any ONVIF protocol-compatible camera, making the transition from another system easier.

A video demonstration of this solution is available:

Avigilon continues to innovate and stand out for the quality of its products. ACC 7 gives for the first time a solution to improve the inefficiency of CCTV control centers and consequently of security teams.